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Better use of time with automatic mileage tracking

Registration and approval of mileage is essentially a waste of time. Power up the trivial work with a digital mileage log.

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Core features

Here are som e the key features of our mileage log. Here are more features.

Automatic mileage log

Automatic and precise GPS tracking of all trips ensures that time is spend on what is important.

The employees avoid wasting valuable time on registrating and reporting mileage and at the same time receive correct and timely payment of travel allowance.

Approval workflow

Fully digital approval workflow which is set up according to the way you want it in your company.

You get insight into driving routines, the option to verify trips with samples and, not least, quick and easy approval of employee's submitted mileage - directly on your phone or the website.

Pay roll integration

Create a completely digital handling of the company mileage data with an integration to your payroll system.

Transfer your emloyee's mileage logs with a few clicks to distribute it to the individual employee's pay slip.

See integrations here.

A quick video overview of the system

Simon Vindfeld show how you can use Mileage Book to make you mileage logs easy and fast and at the same time comply with tax requirements.


Mileage Book produktbrochure

Brochure about our 3-in-1 software

We offer a complete package with fleet management, mileage logs, and expense management that makes administrative work easier and more efficient. We present these tool in the brochure. Download product brochure here.


Brochure om vores 3-i-1 software

Vi tilbyder en samlet pakke, der gør det administrative arbejde nemmere og mere effektivt. De værktøjer præsenterer vi i produktbrochuren.



You also get this...

Mileage logs from Mileage Book gives you a full overview of all your mileage allowance.

Tax requirements icon

Tax requirements

Comply with tax demands for documentation of mileage log.

Automatic start-stop icon

Auto start-stop

Make the mileage log 100% accurate and fully automatic with GPS units.

Approval workflow icon

Approval workflow

Set up an approval flow that fits exactly your organization.

60 days rule icon

60-days rule

Automatic count of trips for the Danish 60-days rule.

Places icon


Create places based on the most visited addresses.

Time schedule icon

Time schedule

Set up a schedule for when mileage tracking must take place.

Predefined purposes icon

Predefined purposes

Avoid having to enter purposes time after time with predefined trip purposes.

Mileage report icon

Mileage report

Get mileage report with a detailed overview of employee mileage.

Dimensions icon


Effective distribution of "cost" based on associated locations, departments etc.

Trip types icon

Trip types

Overview of trips with trip types.

Language icon

Multiple languages

Access to the system in several languages - including English.

Data packages icon

Data packages

Download customized data packages for analysis in Excel and Power BI.

Payroll integration icon

Payroll integration

Integration with payroll system through csv file or automatic transfer.

Active Directory icon


Retrieve employee data from Active Directory.

Project and ERP integration icon

Projekt and ERP

Link mileage with project together with an integration for project management or ERP systems.

Single Sign-On icon

Single sign-on

Log in with you Office 365 username and password.

Eksport til Excel og CSV ikon

Excel og CSV

Eksporter kørselsdata til
Excel og CSV-fil.

Eksport til PDF ikon

Eksport til PDF

Eksporter kørselregnskaber
til PDF-filer.

Ændringslog ikon


Dokumentation af ændringer i kilometertal på køreture.

Arkivering i skyen ikon

Arkivering i skyen

Opfylder regnskablovens krav om arkivering i 5 år plus løbende år.


With our previous solution, we were unsure of the data quality, and we spent a lot of time on susequent checks and adjustments in the administrative system.

Today I take a few samples and that's it. And then I have a super overview of our overall mileage. The whole interface is pretty brilliant.

Jim Knudsen

Chief appraiser
GF Forsikring

Bil på vej i skoven

Use your mobile phone to keep track of expenses and receipts

Take care of the receipts immediately by taking a picture of them with the Mileage Book app. At the same time, the administration avoids large piles of documents submitted at the last minute.

Approval is digital. It is easy and simple and the the employees receive their payments on time.

Read more about Mileage Book expense management.

Udlægshåndtering på mobil og pc

Indstillinger ikon

Easily transfer mileage to payroll system

Mileage Book integrates with many systemt within e.g. payroll, accounting, and ERP. It makes work easier and smarter. See all integrations.

Do you have questions about mileage logs?

Contact me if you have any questions. It could also be that you would like us to demonstrate the system.

Salgschef Simon Vindfeld fra Mileage Book








Simon Vindfeld
Sales Manager

+45 33 60 24 88