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Automatisk start-stop

Automatic start-stop

Start address, end address and distance is registered automatically in the time periods you wish. The functionality is activated through car radio bluetooth (Android) or through a Mileage Book iBeacon (iPhone), that you place in the car.

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Digitalt godkendelses-workflow

Digital approval workflow

Effeciency all the way from the employee on the road to the accounting department. Approvers will quickly get insights into driving routines and can easily do random sampling. Minimal time waste and fewer mistakes in payouts.

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Prædefinerede formål

Predefined purposes

Predefined purposes are a timesaving factor because you don’t have to enter purpose each time. The number of typing errors are brought down and overview and consistency is easily maintained.

Integration med lønsystemet

Payroll integration

The approved mileage records connects directly with each employee. You save time, avoid typing errors and get rid of wrong payouts. You either upload a csv file or enable automatic data transfer.

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Styring af Puljebiler

Pool car management

Utilize your pool cars with intelligent booking, car prioritization and effeciency in mileage record management. In the pool car module you can also analyze utilization and you get an overview for green accounting.

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Integration til Time/Sags-systemet

Project management integration

Make it easy for your employees to connect trips to cases or project directly within Mileage Book. Data is transferred to project management system for easy and effective processing.

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Styr på 60-dages-reglen

Danish 60 days rule

Automatic compliant with Danish 60 day rule. No more uncertainty and misinterpretations.

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Lever op til SKAT's krav

Meet tax requirements

Always up to date to make you sure that you live up your tax agency’s rules. Ensures that your payouts er calculated correctly.

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In control when it comes to knowing where all recorded miles or kilometers belong. Cost is distributed to associated locations, departments etc.


Data pack

Custom data packs for analysis in Excel and Power BI.


Active Directory integration

Create employees automatically in Mileage Book directly from your company’s Active Directory.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Log into Mileage Book with the same password you use for your other company IT systems.


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