User-friendly, efficient, and automatic

Free up resources using simple, digital workflows that handle employee expenses, mileage, and time, as well as company fleet vehicles and assets.

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One system for the entire company

Make the working day easier for your employeees - both those on the move and the
administration - and get more time for what is important.


Have you done the math?

We dare to promise that 15 minutes spent on a conversation to get an ROI calculation made can be earned many times over by streamlining processes. Let's have a talk!

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There is peace of mind if tax authorities were to show up and we have had more time for other tasks. I would think that Mileage Book has saved the administration 50% in terms of time in working with mileage logs, including the 60 days rule.

Lisbeth Nibe Ramdal  

Lisbeth Nibe Ramdal
Financial controller
Raundahl & Moesby


Integration with other it systems

Together with our integration partners, we ensure that you can easily and quickly both download and send data. Data flow between your other systems and Mileage Book regardless of whether you have mileage logs, expense management or fleet management.

It probably makes sense for you to create integrations between Mileage Book and the following areas of your existing IT setup:

ERP system
Time or project management system
Payroll or accounting software
Active Directory
Microsoft Access ID
Leasing company

If your need is different, let us know. We can probably solve that too.

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Har du spørgsmål til integrationer?

Vil du være helt sikker på, at Mileage Book kan integreres med dine eksisterende systemer, eller har du andre spørgsmål, så er du altid velkommen til at tage fat på os. Kontakt os nu.

Who are we?

Based in Silkeborg, we help our customers with all the administrative aspects of driving – from advanced fleet management to simple driving registration and easy expense management.

We are proud that Mileage Book's tools are developed in Denmark - by Danish developers.

And yes, we are always ready to help you safely reach your goal with the automation of your fleet management, driving registration and expense management.

Just let us know.


At Mileage Book, we are proud to call ourselves geeks. A geek is passionate.

We are passionate about everything related to driving and user-friendly automation and just want to help companies to streamline that part of the business, so that there is more time for the core tasks.

Carsten Guldhammer
CEO, Mileage