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DataLøn payroll system is used by more than 60,000 small and medium-sized companies.

Mileage Book and DataLøn are closely integrated through an API access key. This way you can easily transfer mileage from Mileage Book to DataLøn and distribute it to the pay slips of each employee.

As an alternative you can export your mileage logs to a CSV file and transfer to DataLøn.



Billy is an accounting software for freelancers, artisans and businesses with up to 10 employees. Send invoices, manage your bills and more, all online with your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone.

The Mileage Book integration to the accounting system Billy transfers data between the two systems. When you have finalized your mileage log the financial transactions will automatically be transferred to Billy. That means you save time on manually posting your mileage allowance into your accounting system.

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Danløn is an online payroll system. Danløn has been in operation since 2001 and more than 45,000 companies handle their payroll every month through Danløn.

The Mileage Book integration with Danløn allows you to import mileage allowance directly into the payroll system. When you finalize one or more mileage logs, simply just export a CSV file and import it into Danløn. A simple solution to get rid of the time-consuming entries.



Zenegy is a complete payroll system with a modern and intuitive user interface that handles companies from +5,000 employees to a single employee. Through the open API, your company can connect all systems for easy data flow.

Zenegy has made it easy for customers to work in the intuitive system which includes, among other things:

  • Data control
  • Expanded bookkeeping
  • Documents and units
  • Mass update and creation of new employees through templates and “global values”
  • Automatic holiday splitting (e.g. of a period called 21.12 to 10.01)
  • Automatic salary regulation when holidays are taken


Dinero is an online accounting program for invoicing, VAT, and accounting. For you who are new to accounting, but also for experts.

With the Dinero integration, you can transfer travel expenses directly from Mileage Book. Here you can transfer the amount directly to a cash register for later accounting. This ensures that driving costs are transferred correctly and manual entries are avoided.



Visma Løn is a payroll system developed for medium-sized and large companies. Adapt Visma Løn to your business and use it to digitalize workflows, reduce manual errors, and save you bookkeeper's time.

With a Visma Løn integration, Mileage Book removes a burden from your company’s payroll department. All you have to do is transfer mileage to the payroll system via CSV file or FTP server.



Salary is the simple choice when it is time to manage the payroll. The user-friendliness is in top and most processes are automated to make sure you avoid manual entries and errors on your pay slips.

You can transfer mileage logs from Mileage Book to Salary with a single click and get rid of doing manual data entries from each employee.



With e-conomic you get an accounting program with a complete overview of your business’s finances and projects.

The Integration with e-conomic allows you to transfer the travel reimbursement expenses directly from Mileage Book. Here you can choose to account directly or transfer the amount to a cash register waiting to be accounted. This ensures that the cost of driving is always accounted to the correct account and no manual entry is required.



We have extended experience in integration solutions, and offer solutions fitted to all ERP and payroll systems. 

We are sure we can solve your challenges no matter what system you would like Mileage Book to integrate with.