Free up time and obtain insight into how to digitalise mileage recording

Efficient and accurate management of trips with digitally productive workflow and integration into ERP.



Digitizes your travel documents

When more employees are involved in the approval and reporting of the use of vehicles, the complexity increases. Efficient mileage registration, dynamic and productivity workflow and easy payroll reporting helps multiple members save more time and maximise efficient work hours.


Spend time on what is important, take control of mileage reporting and reimbursements and let go of procrastination.

  • Automatic and accurate registration og all trips
  • Correct and timely payment og any mileage compensation due
  • Time-efficient registration and reporting og mileage


Gain insight into driving routines, sample and approve directly from your mobile or website whenever it works best for you.

  • Fully digitalized productivity workflow
  • Faster and easier approval og employees’ mileage logbooks
  • Verification and correctness in mileage usage


Avoid incorrect payments due to inadequate information and have all documentation ready for when Tax season comes.

  • Easier management of mileage accounts
  • Checks the documentation for IRS Tax Agency’s
  • Simple reporting to payroll of your choice

Simon - Mileage Book
Simon Vindfeld
Key Account Manager

Carsten Guldhammer - Mileage Book
Carsten Guldhammer

Daniel - Mileage Book
Daniel Elmkies
Key Account Manager

Meet our customers

“The big difference is that we basically do not waste time on mileage accounting. Our people have a heavy workload, and with Mileage Book we now have an easy, userfriendly and reliable solution that we can count on.

For us, the switch to Mileage Book is both a cost saving and a huge relief on the administrative aspect of an average work day. Before the switch, there were a lot of issues with incorrect registrations, GPS transmitters that had to be replaced and uncertainty about how many trips actually were logged.”

Enterprise customer

Jim Knudsen

Head of contract, GF insurance

Before we used the app Mileage Book we recorded all mileage usage in separate spreadsheets. It was a cumbersome process for both the traveling staff and the administrators. Typically, nothing was done until right before the accounting deadline, which meant that it was often four weeks of driving that needed to be remembered and recorded. Then the administrator would review the submitted spreadsheets and make test samples by going in and making mileage calculations via manual roadmaps.

Enterprise customer

Kristian Yde

Vice Chairman, 3F Bjerringbro


What you receive together with Mileage Book Enterprise

App optimisation

App optimised for both iPhone and Android smartphones


Web application provides access to your mileage logbook account from any browser


Bluetooth device (iBeacon) automatically starts and stops all trips


Export your mileage logbook account in common file formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV or XML

Data transfer

Data transfer with integration for accounting and time-management systems


Employee data is retrieved from Active Directory, so data is automatically updated


Validation of trips by sorting, editing and adding notes from your trips

Working Schedule

Link to personal work schedule, so business trips are automatically recorded during work hours

Complies with Tax Agency’s requirements

Check the Tax Agency's fees, rules and documentation

Upload to the cloud

Cloud-based backup of your mileage logbook, stored securely via Microsoft Azure

Approved Productivity Workflow

Full digitalisation connect from mobil or website

Single sign-on

Log in with Office 365 username and password

gps kørebog

Which business solution fits your business?

Business Enterprise
€270 Incl. 5 licenses pr. yr.

Additional licenses
Mobil Overview iPhone, Android phone register your mileage and give you an overview of your compensation and usage.
Unlimited Travel No Maximum number of trips. You just go.
Predefined Purpose Customize your mileage logbook specifically for you and your business.
Website  Web application provides access and insight to your mileage logbook account from any browser.
Digital Productivity Workflow Gain insight into travel routines, sampling and approving your trip accounts through an app or website.
Archiving in the Cloud All mileage accounts are safely stored in the cloud via Microsoft Azure. The accounts are saved for at least 5 years.
Exporting Mileage Accounts Export a comprehensive overview of the payroll's mileage accounts in an Excel sheet - Ready for entry into your specific payroll system.
Complies with Tax Agency’s Requirements Check the Tax Agency’s fess, rules and documentation.
Integration with the payroll system When employees' travel accounts have been approved, miles or compensation payments are transferred directly to your payroll system.
Integration to the Time / Case system Once a trip has been completed, the traveled mileage can be linked to a case or project that is transferred to your time / case management system.
AD-integration Employee data is retrieved from Active Directory, so data is automatically updated. OPTIONS
Single Sign-on Log into Mileage Book with the same password that you use for your company's other IT systems. OPTIONS
Fully automatic mileage logbook Upgrade your subscription and get the automatic start-stop feature, which registers your trips automatically. €48 per. yr / per. user Call for Price
Employee As an employee, you can keep a driving license and manage your mileage logbook account from both the app and website. Unlimited number Unlimited number
Approvals As a creditor you can approve your employee’s travel accounts, gain insight to their trips and their mileage logging. 1 license covering the approver, controller and administrator role. Unlimited number of approvers
Controller As a controller, you can handle the data transfer to the payroll system and have access to the company's archive of travel accounts. 1 license covering the approver, controller and administrator role. Unlimited number of controllers
Administrator As Administrator, you have the right to set up the system including setting up the hierarchy of approval, setting up employees, creating places, and creating trip purposes. 1 license covering the approver, controller and administrator role. Unlimited number of administrators

Do you want to try the Mileage Book before you recommend the app to your Firm?

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