Digitize your mileage records


Spend time on important work, take control of mileage reporting and reimbursements, and let go of procrastination.

  • Automatic and accurate registration of all trips
  • Correct and timely mileage payouts
  • Time-efficient registration and mileage reporting


Gain insight into driving routines, sample and approve directly from your mobile phone or website whenever it suits you.

  • Fully digital approval workflow
  • Faster and easier approval of employee mileage logbooks
  • Verification of mileage registration correctness


Avoid incorrect payouts due to inadequate information and have all documentation ready for tax authorities.

  • Easier management of mileage records
  • Documentation to relevant tax agency
  • Simple reporting to payroll of your choice

Companies that use Mileage Book


Mileage Book case - Waoo logo

“What makes Mileage Book easy is that I get into the car, start up the app, press ‘start’ and drive off. When I get to where I’m going, I press ‘stop’ and fill out purpose.”

Brylle Bjarnason, Content Manager

Mileage Book case - Topdanmark logo

“I do a lot of trips every day, and the Mileage Book app help me manage that. When I’m done with the month, I send the collected records for the month to my colleague in our support.”

Kim Gregersen, private insurer

Mileage Book case - Nybolig logo

“We have experienced great time saving because employees won’t have to calculate their own mileage. We do a lot of trips every day. I would say that what we pay for Mileage Book, we have earned 10 times in saved work time.”

Anders Varming, owner
Nybolig Helm & Varming

This is what you get with Mileage Book

Automatic start-stop icon

Automatic start-stop

Automatic activation of the app via Bluetooth, when the trip starts and stops.

Digital approval workflow icon

Digital approval workflow

Digital workflow for approval and mileage reporting.

Predefined purposes icon

Predefined purposes

Easy trip purpose pick from list of predefined purposes.

Payroll integration icon

Payroll integration

Automatic mileage log transfer to each employee.

Pool cars icon

Pool cars

Effective use of pool cars everywhere in the organization.

Project management integration icon

Project management integration

Trips are easily connect to related cases and projects.

Cloud backup icon

Cloud backup

Compliant with the Bookkeeper's Act about storage.

Tax agency compliant icon

Tax agency compliant

Meet rules and regulations about documentation and calculation.

Dimensions icon


Assign "cost" to certain locations, departments etc.

Data packs icon

Data packs for analysis

Data packs for excel and Power BI analysis.

Active Directory integration icon

Active Directory integration

Retrieve employee data from Active Directory.

Single sign-on icon

Single Sign-On

Login with Office 365 username and password.


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