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Mileage logbook - completely automatic

Mileage tracking can be taken care of quickly and easily.
At least with Mileage Book app on your phone.

Get a free mileage logbook with Mileage Book and experience the benefits first hand.


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For both smaller companies and as well as large organisations

Time-saving mileage logbook solution


Automatic Mileage logbook

Mileage Book PRO and PRO+

The traditional time-consuming, slow and repetitious work of registering mileage is now made automatic and easy.

  • For single-users
  • Automatic mileage tracker at your fingertips
  • Easy driving registration via app and web
  • Complies with Tax Agency’s Requirements
  • IRS compliant


Automatic mileage logging, approval management and system integrations

kørebog privat erhverv

Mileage Book Business and Enterprise

Is digitisation of importance to your firm? With an electronic mileage book, you can easily streamline your administrative processes.

  • For both smaller companies and large organisations
  • Automatic and accurate registration of all trips
  • Quickly approve employees’ mileage logbook
  • Easy handling of mileage logbook

Automatic mileage tracker

This fully automatic solution significantly makes process of recording and registering mileage easier. When you start your vehicle, your Mileage Book app automatically connects to a Bluetooth signal from your car radio, traffic alarm, or Mileage Book iBeacon, depending on whether you are using Android or iOS. Start-End address, and the distance are automatically recorded.

Mileage Book automatisk start/stop

Meet our customers

“As an employee, I have had to use my fair share og cumbersome and complicated mileage logging systems. It became far too complicated and time consuming work, so when I started on my own firm, I needed something that would be efficient, simple and easy to use.

I’ve been using Mileage Book now for four years and I’m crazy about it. It is very intuitive and user-friendly and it keeps getting better and better. I start Mileage Book, ser a target and when I arrive, I just say finish. It’s so simple! The accuracy and reliability of the system, creates stability and balance and ease of use, both for the users and program administrators.”

Pro customer

Kim Jensen

Partner & CEO, Lexoforms

“The big difference is that we basically do not waste time on mileage accounting. Our people have a heavy workload, and with Mileage Book we now have an easy, userfriendly and reliable solution that we can count on.

For us, the switch to Mileage Book is both a cost saving and a huge relief on the administrative aspect of an average work day. Before the switch, there were a lot of issues with incorrect registrations, GPS transmitters that had to be replaced and uncertainty about how many trips actually were logged.”

Enterprise customer

Jim Knudsen

Head of contract, GF insurance

You can safely leave your information with us

At Mileage Book, we take privacy policy very seriously, and of course meet the requirements of the EU’s new data protection law. Operating with full transparency, we only save and store common personal data. If deactivated or discontinued, you will receive your personal data back and it will be deleted from our system.


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