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Mileage tracker - completely automatic

Mileage tracking can be taken care of quickly and easily.
At least with Mileage Book app on your phone.

Get a free mileage tracker with Mileage Book and experience the benefits first hand.

From employee to enterprise

Mileage tracking for all - regardless of size

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For the one-man business, the entrepeneur with a few employees or simply for the employee who would like easy and fast mileage tracking.

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For the smaller business – with several employees – where approval workflow, predefined purposes and payroll integration is needed.

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For the larger business that also need data packages for mileage analysis or integrations for e.g. Active Directory and time/case management systems.

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Automatic mileage tracker

This fully automatic solution significantly makes process of recording and registering mileage easier. When you start your vehicle, your Mileage Book app automatically connects to a Bluetooth signal from your car radio, traffic alarm, or Mileage Book iBeacon, depending on whether you are using Android or iOS. Start-End address, and the distance are automatically recorded.

Mileage Book automatisk start/stop

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