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Meet our customers

“As an employee, I have had to use my fair share og cumbersome and complicated mileage logging systems. It became far too complicated and time consuming work, so when I started on my own firm, I needed something that would be efficient, simple and easy to use.

I’ve been using Mileage Book now for four years and I’m crazy about it. It is very intuitive and user-friendly and it keeps getting better and better. I start Mileage Book, ser a target and when I arrive, I just say finish. It’s so simple! The accuracy and reliability of the system, creates stability and balance and ease of use, both for the users and program administrators.”

PRO customer

Kim Jensen

Partner & CEO, Lexoforms

“I’m crazy about the app Mileage Book. I have a lot of different appointments with my customers around the country, so now that I have Mileage Book with me on my trips, this is never a problem. I love the high pace of everything I do and the equipment I rely on needs to be able to keep up and support the pace. Mileage Book lives up to the high demands l have.

It’s super easy for me to start the app so I do not have to waste time registrering and writing down the details every time I’m out driving. When I submit accounts, I send the trip via my mobile as an email to my accountant – easy and quickly.”

PRO customer

Rikke Cedervall Laursen



What you get with with Mileage Book

Optimized app

App optimized for both iPhone and Android smartphones.


Web application provides access and insight to your mileage logbook account from any browser.


iBeacon device automatically starts and stops all trips via Bluetooth.


Export your mileage logbook account in common file formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV or XML.

Data transfer

Data transfer with integration with accounting, payroll, and project management systems.


Validation of trips by sorting, editing and adding notes from your trips.

Work schedule

Link to personal work schedule, so business trips are automatically recorded during work hours.

Compliant with tax law

Check fees, rules and documentation of your tax agency.

Cloud backup

Cloud-based backup of your mileage logbook, stored securely via Microsoft Azure.

Mileage Book route on mobile phone
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Do you work in a team? Do you need digital productivity workflow and integration with your accounting solution?

Integration with your payroll and accounting program