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Automatic mileage book - with an iBeacon

Your Mileage logs are automatically registered with the Mileage Book iBeacon. Once you get in your car and start driving the registration of your trips automatically starts and stops due to the iBeacon. The departure and arrival addresses as well as distance are registered and you do not even notice. All you need to do is adding a purpose of the trip before you send your mileage log to the payroll department.

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Save time and money...

The time consuming and boring process of mileage registration is now simple and easy with the Mileage Book app. The Mileage Book app uses the GPS in your smartphone. You just press start – drive – press stop and your trip is then logged.

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Cloud based backup of data

Your Mileage Book is secured on our servers and will be stored for up to 5 years depending on your type of plan. If you lose or replace your smartphone, you can access your Mileage Book through our Web application. If needed, you can synchronize your Mileage Book with your new smartphone.

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Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web

The Mileage Book app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Web. A flexible solution which allows you to switch between all the platforms as you like without any additional fees. No need to invest in expensive GPS units.

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Professional mileage tracking

The Mileage Book app is a simple and timesaving solution for individuals and small and large companies. Every day, more than 50,000 users use the Mileage Book on the road, and it meets a variety of needs. Mileage registration is required by the tax authorities in many countries for documentation of business trips, driving in a company car and documentation of mileage in a private vehicle. The Mileage Book app solves this issue, and our users save many hours every month.

Strong business partners

Mileage Book has extremely high expectations of our business partners to ensure a strong product for our customers. So we choose our partners carefully. Mileage Book is a safe, user-friendly and professional solution designed and inspired by our customers, developed by the Mileage Book team, and supported by our strong business partners.


With Mileage Book integration to the accounting system Billy, Mileage Book and Billy transfer data between each other. When you have finalized your mileage log the financial transactions will automatically be transferred to Billy. That means you save time on manually posting your mileage allowance into your accounting system.

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Med integration til Dinero kan man overføre udgiften til kørselsgodtgørelse direkte fra Mileage Book. Her kan man overføre beløbet direkte til en kassekladde til senere bogføring. På den vis sikrer man at udgiften til kørsel overføres korrekt og man slipper for den manuelle indtastning.

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Med integration til e-conomic kan man overføre udgiften til kørselsgodtgørelse direkte fra Mileage Book. Integrationen giver endvidere mulighed for at registrere kørsel direkte på sine projekter i e-conomic og med et par klik kan man fakturér sine kunder den præcise kørte distance.

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