A professional mileage system

with amazing features

Time is money

Time is money...

The Mileage Book app saves users several hours a month.

Logging via GPS

Easy logging via GPS

Distance, route and addresses are logged using the GPS.

All platforms supported

All platforms supported

The Mileage Book app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phones and Web.

Safe in the cloud

Backup your data

Your data is secured on our servers and stored for up to 5 years.

Edit your mileage

Edit your mileage

You can add and edit your trips on your phone or via the Web application.

Number of users

more than 50,000 users worldwide

Our users love the simplicity and the easy way to administer their Mileage Book.

Simplicity is Mileage Book’s success.

The time consuming and boring process of mileage registration is now simple and easy with Mileage Book. Mileage Book uses the GPS in your smartphone. Press Start and your start address and time of day are registered. The app is now logging the exact trip being driven. When arriving at the destination, press Stop and the destination address, distance and time are logged. The user can optionally add more details to the trip before saving it in the logbook.

Back-up of your data

Your Mileage Book is secured on our servers and will be stored for up to 5 years depending on your type of plan. If you lose or replace your smartphone, you can access your Mileage Book through our Web application. If needed, you can synchronize your Mileage Book with your new smartphone.

Great benefits using the Web application

The Web application gives you all the features you know from the Mileage Book app, but it also gives you a number of extra features. Firstly, the Web application ensures safe backup of your data. All registered trips are available in the Web app just after a trip has ended. Secondly, the Web app enables you to work with your mileage account on your tablet, laptop or desktop, making the workflow smoother and more efficient. Thirdly, the map section, which is a great feature. All your trips are registered on maps and can be used as documentation of your trips if needed.

Approval workflow

The Mileage Book Enterprise subscription includes an approval workflow to make the approval processes more efficient. From the Mileage Book app or the web application you can send your mileage reports to your manager for approval. As manager you can approve or reject mileage reports from the web application or use the Mileage Book Approval App. With the Mileage Book Approval app you can approve Mileage reports efficiently and accelerate the approval workflow, while on the go. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere you have direct access to your employees mileage reports awaiting approval.

Many export possibilities

The Mileage Book app gives you a number of possibilities to export your data. It supports PDF, CSV, XML, Excel XLSX and Excel-XML. Just choose the period and the export format, and your mileage report will be generated.



PDF is a very user friendly format which makes it easy to email and print your report.

Excel XLSX

This file format is the default Excel file format and compliant with Excel 2007 and later.

Excel XML

Excel-XML lets you import your data into Microsoft Excel in a user friendly layout.


XML is for advanced users and developers who would like to import data into a program with an XML plugin.


CSV is a simple comma-separated or character-separated file format. This format is often used for spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Numbers.

Rules all platforms

The Mileage Book app is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, and Web. The Web application gives you access to your mileage on any client. The Web application is optimized for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. A flexible system which is always available