We are passionate about mileage recording

We are single-minded on this purpose. Call us perfectionists. We are passionate about mileage recording and we are extremely good at it too! We bet there is something else that you are really good at. Therefore, we would like to help you or your company focus on what it is that your are really good at by eliminating the repetitious, and time- consuming burden of having to manually account for mileage usage.

Write to us at or call us at (+45) 70 25 11 00 for more information.

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With us, travel is the most important in the world

We dedicate most if not all of our waking hours to everything about recording and administering driving and mileage.

When we started the Mileage Book app it was because we saw how stressful mileage accounting is when not handled efficiently. A recurring annoyance. A pool of accumulated kilometers that just grows and becomes more annoying the longer you ignore it.

We ignore nothing. Quite on the contrary, recording driving and mileage usage is all we focus on. We keep current and continuously update our solution. In our world, administering mileage is the most important aspect. What is important in your world?

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