Many benefits with GPS tracker

  • No installation - simple plug-in
  • Independent from phone
  • Always connected
  • No need for battery
  • Live map option
  • Start and stop with ignition
  • Works with all phones and cars

Mileage Book tracker unit

Facts about OBD

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. Like the name implies, the system is used by mechanics for diagnosis, analysis, and debugging the car's control systems. This is usually done by plugging a computer into the OBD port in the car. 

From the OBD port you can read out car data, e.g. mileage like with the Mileage Book GPS tracker.

Since 2001 the OBD standard has been mandatory in cars sold in the EU. 

The position of the port varies and depends on car manufacturer and car model. Typical positions are behind the dashboard or under the center console.

Overview showing OBD port placement

The OBD port is often located under the steering wheel, but can also be located other places in the dashboard. Typical places are marked here.