Complete solution for you company mileage

The integration between Mileage Book and Danløn is a perfect match.

As employee you can stop wasting time keeping track of you mileage records. You mileage log is practically automatic with the Mileage Book app.

As manager approval of mileage logs is digital through an approver app or the Mileage Book website. You quickly have an overview of all trips, can see them on a map, and with a click the mileage log is approved.

As bookkeeper you have the full overview. It is the end of stomach ache if tax authorities pay a visit. All mileage logs live up to tax agencies demands and you can easily bring them up from the archive.

Last but not least, you do not have to type in all the mileage into the payroll system. Just press "transfer to Danløn" and the mileage is distrubuted to the payslips.