Mileage reimbursement rates

  2021 2020

Mileage - car/motorcycle: Up to 20,000 km/year

3.52 DKK/km 3.52 DKK/km
Mileage - car/motorcycle: Over 20,000 km/year 1.90 DKK/km 1.96 DKK/km
Mileage - own bicycle, moped or EU moped 0.54 DKK/km 0.54 DKK/km
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Mileage deduction

If you drive back and forth between residence and work place, you may be entitled to mileage deduction. Opposite to mileage reimbursement, these are fixed rated you can claim if:

  • You have more than 24 km between work and home - back and forth. E.g. if you have 50 km to work, you can get a deduction for [2 x 50 km] – 24 km = 76 km.
  • You transport is not paid by your employer.

It is possible to claim mileage deduction for all types of paid work. This also includes student workers and jobs with wage subsidies. 

If your work place has changed, make sure that you use to adjust your preliminary income assessment in order to claim the correct deduction.

In the tables below you can see the current rates for mileage deduction for 2020 and the previous year.

Mileage deduction rates in 2021

Transport per day  Deduction per km per day
0-24 km 0 DKK (no deduction)
25-120 km 1.90 DKK
Over 120 km 0.95 DKK (1.90 DKK in periphiral municipalities)

Mileage deduction rates in 2020

Transport per day  Deduction per km per day
0-24 km 0 DKK (no deduction)
25-120 km 1.96 DKK
Over 120 km 0.98 DKK (1,96 DKK in periphiral municipalities)

Rates over bridges in 2020 og 2021

Bridge Means of transport Additional deduction per trip 
Great Belt Bridge  Car/motorcycle 110 DKK
Train/public transport 15 DKK
Øresund Bridge  Car/motorcycle 50 DKK
Train/public transport 8 DKK
Crown Princess Mary's Bridge Car 12 DKK


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