Mileage Book Pro+

Automatically start and stop of your trips

When you get in your car, the trip is started automatically by an iBeacon.
The start address, end address and distance is registered
- all without your knowledge.
Just Add trip purpose before sending your mileage to payroll.

How does automatic start/stop work?

Automatic registration

Your trips are automatically registered by a iBeacon, which is a small chip. Place it in your car, and it will automatically start your trips using bluetooth.

Control with a time schedule

You can add your work schedule, and your trips will be automatically registered when you're at work.

Easily approve your trips

Finally, just add the trip purpose and then swipe to approve or delete your trip.



Price per month, excluding VAT

Yearly payment

  • Automatic start and stop of trips
  • Registration using work schedule
  • iBeacon for your car
  • Mileage logging using an app
  • Mileage logging on web
  • Integration to payroll
  • Integration with accounting software
  • See trips on a map
  • Export to CSV, PDF and Excel
  • 2-year archiving

We will refund your Pro subscription when you upgrade to Pro+

Upgrade to Pro+, and we will immediately send an iBeacon to you.

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