Spends little to no time at all on mileage recording.

“The big difference is that we basically do not waste time on mileage accounting. Our people have a heavy workload, and with Mileage Book we now have an easy, userfriendly and reliable solution that we can count on.

For us, the switch to Mileage Book is both a cost saving and a huge relief on the administrative aspect of an average work day. Before the switch, there were a lot of issues with incorrect registrations, GPS transmitters that had to be replaced and uncertainty about how many trips actually were logged.

With our previous solution, we were uncertain about the quality of the data, and we spent considerable time on subsequent control and adaptation of the administrative system. Today I take a few test samples and that’s it. And then I have a very good overview of our total trip accounting. The whole interface is quite ingenious.

With many traveling employees and over a hundred users of Mileage Book, it’s a big plus for us that the solution is getting started for the employees and making it easy to create new users.

It’s very easier to add new users. I will send a message to Mileage Book, which will take care of the rest. New users get started quickly and are up and running instantly. I hardly spend any time instructing new employees.

Although it’s a significant amount that we’re saving, that was not the main factor driving our decision to use Mileage Book. – The crucial factor was that we were tired of administrating our driving so much everyday, but now we’re much more efficient. Mileage Book is very stable, and there is time to save for both running employees, approvers and in the final administration. “

Enterprise customer

Jim Knudsen

Head of contract, GF insurance

For us, the Mileage Book app is about safety

“When we decided to use the Mileage Book to register driving, it was because we wanted to make sure that we comply with all the Tax Agency’s requirements. At the same time, we also needed to have a much better overview of the employees’ driving patterns.

For us, the Mileage Book app is about safety. In a company like ours, the tax part has to be completely under control . With Mileage Book, we now know we do not have to worry about this aspect.

Before we used the app Mileage Book we recorded all mileage usage in separate spreadsheets. It was a cumbersome process for both the traveling staff and the administrators. Typically, nothing was done until right before the accounting deadline, which meant that it was often four weeks of driving that needed to be remembered and recorded. Then the administrator would review the submitted spreadsheets and make test samples by going in and making mileage calculations via manual roadmaps.

Today, the mileage accounting just manages itself, and we do avoid unreported trips to pile up. Administratively, our mileage accounting is much much easier. . Approving and reporting mileage use is both simpler and less time consuming. Mileage Book is easy to operate and very stable.

The actual introduction of Mileage Book in the company was also super easy. Although the app is quite easy to use. when something new is introduced, people may get a bit uncertain. For us, it was huge plus that someone from Mileage Book came out and reviewed the app with our employees. This meant that everyone felt completely safe and comfortable with the app and trusted that everything would be being recorded correctly. After all, it has an impact on their renumeration.”

Enterprise customer

Kristian Yde

Vice Chairman, 3F Bjerringbro

Complies with TAX rules and regulations - even when changes may occur

“When we started using the Mileage Book, it was an absolute requirement that we were in compliance with our Tax Agency’s rules regarding mileage registration. We did. And in addition we saved a lot of time in post-treatment of this as well . Although It was not part of our our initial considerations of Mileage Book, it was nevertheless an extra big positive for us.

Before we started using the Mileage Book, the individual registered his mileage in a spreadsheet and sent the monthly statement as an attachment. Each individual had his/hers own more or less self-contained system, and input from the traveling employees was too inconsistent.

Of course, we could just have optimised the way we used spreadsheets, but we were interested in a solution that just worked seamlessly and where we did not need to deal with the cumbersome details. Something we always knew was that it had to be100% in compliance with Tax Agency’s rules.

For us, it is an advantage that employees can freely choose the variants that works best for them. For some, it is beneficial to activate Mileage Book manually before they leave. Others use the iBeacon, which automatically detects all the trips. Both parts work really well, so I appreciate that Mileage Book offers the functional flexibility and customization in order to fit with each users’ driving patterns and preferences.

Today, we know with certainty that we meet the current requirements – even when there are changes. And instead of manual keying in and adding attachments, everything is ready when the accounting period is complete.”

Enterprise customer

Ib Andersen

Operation Manager, Alboa

Eliminates an unnecessary, time consuming step for a busy working day

“We use Mileage Book, because it’s a simple way to keep track of our mileage accounts. Before we wrote down all the trips manually in spreadsheets, it worked well enough, as long as it was just my husband and I. As we now have more employees who puts in a significant amount of work trips, the spreadsheet model just became impossible to administer.

I think it’s a strong signal to new employees that we give them a simple and professional system for registering mileage. It also saves us a lot of questions and inquiries from our employees because the Mileage Book is so easy to use and the system ensures that all the essential details are are automatically included. With Mileage Book we remove unnecessary administrative work load in busy wing day.

It’s a big plus that it’s both easier for those who manage the trips and for those who
receive and approve the accounts. As a user, I think the solution gives a very good overview of the entire process. I can easily take a few samples and then just approve and move on with other important tasks.

Enterprise customer

Maria Nørgaard

Customer Manager, Proveo

“As an employee, I have had to use my fair share of cumbersome and complicated mileage logging systems. It became far too complicated and time consuming work, so when I started my own firm, I needed something that would be efficient, simple and easy to use.

I’ve been using Mileage Book now for four years now and I’m crazy about it. It is very intuitive and user-friendly and it keeps getting better and better. I start Mileage Book, set a target and when I arrive, I just say finish. It’s so simple! The accuracy and reliability of the system, creates stability and balance and ease of use, both for the users and program administrators.”

Pro customer

Kim Jensen

Partner & CEO, Lexoforms

“I’m crazy about the app Mileage Book. I have a lot of different appointments with my customers around the country, so now that I have Mileage Book with me on my trips, this is never a problem. I love the high pace of everything I do and the equipment I rely on needs to be able to keep up and support the pace. Mileage Book lives up to the high demands I have.

It’s super easy for me to start the app so I do not have to waste time registering and writing down the details every time I’m out driving. When I submit accounts, I send the trip via my mobile as an email to my accountant – easy and quickly.”

Pro customer

Rikke Cedervall Laursen


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