Automatic mileage logbook for iPhone

When you get into your car, the trip starts automatically using an iBeacon. Start address, end address and distance are recorded – completely without detecting it. Get your trip registered and add the purpose of the trip before your mileage logbook sends it off to your selected payroll system.

How does automatic start/stop work?

Automatic registration

Your tours are automatically registered using an iBeacon, which is a small Bluetooth device. Put it in your car and it will automatically start and register your trips via the Bluetooth capability.

Enable with schedule

You can add your work schedule, and your trips will automatically be registered when you are at work

Easily approve your trips

Finally, just add the trip’s purpose and then swipe to approve or delete your trip.

Do you forget to press start and stop?

The start / stop feature makes it even easier for you to register your driving account.

All you have to do is place an iBeacon in your car.

When you get in the car, your Mileage Book app automatically connects to the iBeacon, the trip starts and you can concentrate on driving.

You do not have to worry about remembering to press either start or stop. Your driving book does the job for you – automatically.

gps koordinater app

You can download it for free here

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