Questions and answers

Questions regarding the Mileage Book mobile and Web app

On which mobile platforms is the Mileage Book app available?
The Mileage Book app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Which browsers is the Mileage Book Web application optimized for?
The Web application is optimized for Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Can I switch between my iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, when I use the Mileage Book app?
Once you have a Mileage Book account, you can switch between all mobile platforms as you like.

Is it possible to edit a saved trip?
It’s possible to edit trips driven at any time.

How are my data backed up?
Your trip is stored on Microsoft Azure servers immediately after you finish your trip. If you’re offline, your data will be stored on your phone until you’re online again.

How does the Mileage Book app track my route?
Depending on your device and available services, the Mileage Book app uses a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS to determine your location. If you’re not within a clear line of sight to GPS satellites, your device can determine your location using crowd-sourced Wi-Fi and cell tower locations.

How do I set up allowances?
The allowance feature gives you a variety of possibilities to set up rates.
To set up reimbursements, follow these steps:

1. Go to settings/allowance

2. Tab the checkbox beside “Use allowance” to activate the compensations feature.

3. Choose the type of allowance: per year/per day/per trip. This is to set up the period for calculation of the reimbursement. If you’re using the mobile app, choose the year of compensation now.

4. You can add rates in intervals under “Rates”, e.g., if you receive a specific rate for the first 20,000 km/miles you drive per year and another rate for km/miles driven above this distance. Your reimbursement setup will look like this: 0-20,000 = 3.80; 20,000- =1.90.

5. Under “additional rates” you can add the rates you receive, either per trip or per distance driven: Example: “Toolbox in car”: DKK 0.80 per km, “Crossing bridge”: DKK 50.00 per trip.

Does the Mileage Book app support additional rates and reimbursements such as “Crossing a bridge”, “Passing toll plazas” etc.?
The Mileage Book app gives you a number of possibilities to set up individual allowance rates, including ongoing rates, and special rates such as reimbursement for crossing a bridge.

How many cars can I administer per user?
Free = 1 car; Pro = 2 cars; Business = 2 cars; Enterprise = 5 cars

The Mileage Book app supports the following operating systems:
The Mileage Book app supports the following operating systems: iOS: 8.1 or higher, Windows Phone: 8.0 or higher, Android: 4.0.3 or higher

Can I delay the transfer of data to the server until I have a WIFI connection?
You can either set up the trips/data to be transferred to the server using both the mobile network and WIFI or, when you’re connected, to a WIFI connection only.

Questions regarding pricing

Do I need a credit card to try the 30 day trial version?
You don’t need a credit card during your 30 day trial period. Your credit card information is only required when you sign up for a plan.

Does my subscription automatically extend?
Your subscription will automatically extend with the chosen plan. E.g. a monthly plan continues as a monthly plan.

What happens to my data when I end a subscription?
Your data will be deleted from our servers 30 days after a subscription expires.

Can I change my payment cycle from monthly to yearly?
To change the payment cycle, send us an email and we’ll change it for you. You’ll receive an invoice as soon as the transaction is validated.

How do I change my credit card details?
To change credit card details, send us an email and we’ll delete your old credit card details. Next time you log in to your account, you’ll be asked to update your credit card information. Please don’t send us credit card information by email.

If you have any additional questions please sent us an email: